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After planning it for some time, in September 2011 I moved to Brighton, UK to continue my studies and thus I enrolled at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Brighton. The course itself is not as demanding as I thought it would be, but when the projects amass, then the shit hits the fan and I have to come up with and create loads of preliminary sketches, rough editions of projects and then, after interim crits, final editions, so this is quite time consuming and I have to timemanage myself quite harshly in order to create a schedule to do my comics, music etc.

So, back to comics! Right when I got to Brighton in Septembe 2011, I noticed a flyer that advertised a nationwide graphic novel competition held by Myriad Editions, which had a deadline on October 1st, 2011. Having already begun my Dryland graphic novel (I was at 22 pages at the time), I rushed to greyscale/colour in all the pages and letter them in order to submit it in time! And I did! By November 2011 I was sent an e-mail from Myriad telling me that I was in the top 25 and by Christmas 2011I was told I was in the top 7 finalists. i attended the final event where the winner was announced (as chosen by Bryan Talbot, Ian Rankin, Paul Gravett and other esteemed artists and critics) and I managed to get a lot of great feedback.
After the event I managed to get my stuff together and I self-published the first chapter of Dryland, as DRYLAND Book One///Chapter One and I booked a table at the May 2012 Kapow Comic Con held in London in which I managed to sell quite a few copies and land a deal to have the whole first book/graphic novel published by an esteemed publisher (more on that in the future)!

At the same time as I began drawing Dryland I also started planning my "Tales of The Smiths" graphic novel. It needed a lot of researching, as most of the biographies written about them, as well as The Smiths themselves, contradict one-another in regards to the facts and I need to be as precise as possible. The first episode was published in the back of my DRYLAND Book One///Chapter One comic and the rest of the episodes will be serialised online daily from starting September 3, 2012 and hopefully the rest will be collected and published in a single format graphic novel.

Other than the above stuff, I'm also writing a new concept album that will follow up my previous one and I'm currently rehearsing and gigging with a new band that I put together in Brighton,Ghosts of Future Past, in order to unleash my musical vision upon this world! More news on that wonderful project will be announced in the near futrue! Till then, log onto our Facebook page, Like it and listen to our music and videos! yay!

In the meantime, if and when I find the time I will definitely end my Giant-Size Fascists trilogy comicbook with a third issue, as the series essentially led to my most successful comic to date and I've had people ask all the time when the heck am I going to bring some closure to the darn cliffhanger that ended the second collection.
Well, that's about it! As my life progresses in the UK, I will be updating this entry with more info, images and so on, so keep your eyes peeled on the newspage on the frontpage for updates!

The future is definitely what you make of it.




Click here to purchase Dryland

DRYLAND Book One///Chapter One

Self-Published Limited Edition. Brighton UK, May 2012.
Colour wraparound cover. 28 black and white pages.
Written and drawn by Con Chrisoulis

Below is a 7-page preview of Dryland Book One///Chapter One, which made its debut at the Kapow Comic Convention in London (19-20 May 2012). The convention was the biggest of its kind in the UK and guests included some of the greatest comic book creators of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and indie companies.
I was situated in the Artist's Alley, Booth 188, alongside Steve Silverwood of Upside Comics!

Autumn 2012 Update: I just managed to sign a contract with an esteemed publisher (more news later in the year) and it seems that all the chapters of Book One (including Chapter One, which I had self published) will be collected and published in a single graphic novel in 2013, thus:
a) making me a very happy man and b) making my final copies of the first chapter that I self published for Kapow a collector's item! So, enter my online store to purchase those last copies before they run out (Dryland Book One///Chapter One also included the first print of a Tales of The Smiths episode)! :-)

Dryland Book One Chpater One by Con Chrisoulis

The DRYLAND Book One///Chapter One limited edition included:
Colour Wraparound Cover!
28 Pages of Comics!
Featuring the first chapter of Dryland's Book One,
which was a finalist of Myriad Editions' UK First Fictions Graphic Novel Competition!
The publication also included a short Tales of The Smiths story,
a series which retells the pivotal, and unknown, moments
that led to the seminal indie band's formation.

For more info on Dryland:
1. Introduction to the Dryland books
2. Preparing Dryland (the origins of the graphic novel in the making)
3. Director's Commentary (a detailed breakdown and "director's commentary" of Book One///Chapter One)