October 2004
Who Sold Exarcheia?
(Ποιός Πούλησε τα Εξάρχεια;)
4 pages

4-page semi-autobiographical black and white comics short story about the decline in the counterculture spirit in Exarcheia, a neighbourhood in central Athens, Greece, that I lived in.
The story was featured in Babel (Βαβέλ), arguably Greece’s most famous monthly comics anthology, which also hosted the country’s first annual comics festival. The short story was exhibited in 9th International Comics Festival (7-10 October 2004) the theme of which was ‘System Terror’.
The story had previously been self-published in my personal comics anthology Tales of Unsurpassed Vanity (Ιστορίες Ατελείωτης Ματαιοδοξίας) #8 (January 2003).