9 magazine #263 (3 August 2005)
Art and concepts for six-page story published in 9 magazine.

This story formed part of the Blockbuster series, which was serialised within 9 magazine. Having been an avid fan of the horribly-printed ’80s Marvel reprints from Kabanas publications, I suggested a collaboration that would fit within the Blockbuster series. I came up with the mirror-world villains (concept art can be seen below) and utilised a purposefully camp aesthetic that would be reminiscent of said poor Marvel Comics reprints.
The first page is my homage to the splash page of one of the first comic books I ever read, Amazing Spider-Man #13 (1964) by Steve Ditko.

9 magazine (Εννέα) was a comics anthology offered as a weekly supplement every Wednesday in the Greek newspaper Eleftherotypia (Ελευθεροτυπία).