Jazz and Maria: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning
Τζαζ και Μαρία: Η Αρχή του Τέλους της Αρχής
April 2002. Athens: Self-published. 60 pages.

Trade paperback collection featuring the Jazz and Maria and related backup stories from Tales of Unsurpassed Vanity issues 1 to 6 (2001-2002).

In the late 1990s I migrated to Athens, Greece, and began self-publishing my personal comic book anthology, Tales of Unsurpassed Vanity (Gr: Ιστορίες Ατελείωτης Ματαιοδοξίας), which became one of Greece’s longest-running self-published independent comics. I had been preparing the stories for the first three issues since 1998 whilst undertaking my mandatory military service.

The anthology featured a continuing story called Jazz & Maria about vampire club kids, who get entangled in a massive science fantasy adventure. It also featured self-contained stories which connected with the Jazz & Maria story. I continued their adventures in the main anthology until issue #10, which concluded both the book’s life and the vampire epic.